Individual Social Media Training


“Yes, I have a LinkedIn account, but I have no idea how to really use it for business.”

“I don’t use Twitter. I don’t understand it.”

“I offer a service, not a product.  How does a business which targets other businesses use Social Media?”

Do these quotes sound familiar? Have you had any of these thoughts ? If so, you are not alone. We hear these comments from clients each week.

A portion of our clients are individuals working within organizations or are solopreneurs.  They need training and strategy sessions from time to time to execute their social media efforts. However, they want to make certain that they are “doing it right”.

Examples of our 90 minute sessions include:

  • LinkedIn – How to use it for business development and market exposure as well as build your professional network
  • Facebook – How to create a lively and viable business page which highlights your offerings to the correct audiences
  • Twitter – What it is, whether you should use it, and how to use Twitter to create professional relationships, PR opportunities and increase website traffic
  • YouTube – How to use YouTube for exposure and recruitment of clients and employees
  • Pinterest/Instagram – How to use it for your business in order to drive sales and increase website traffic

This is just a sampling of our capabilities. If you do not see your question listed, we can still give you answers through our sessions.

We offer customized, individual training either on-site or via private online meetings.  We will conduct an interview prior to our sessions to determine what your needs are in terms of using social media for business. We will then create a training session focused on these needs, as well as an actionable plan for you to execute.

No matter what, after these sessions you will walk away with a better understanding of the social media platform reviewed, as well as a social media plan of action which will work for you.

Contact us so we can chat more about your training needs.


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