“What Helps People, Helps Business.” – Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett, born in 1891 and whom was  considered to be among the most creative men in the advertising business,  sums up our training philosophy so concisely. How did a business executive from over 100 years ago give advice which is still relevant today?

That answer is simple: Business will always be owned and managed by people, no matter the time in history.

To ignore training within your company or organization is similar to ignoring to eat. Continuous education will not only propel your company ahead, but it will also create business opportunities which may have not been realized previously.

Would your marketing department benefit from customized training focused on getting more from their online marketing efforts? Perhaps your Board of Directors are unsure of Social Media and how it can help the organization. Even if you are an individual needing guidance for your professional role, we can increase your knowledge of social media and how it can benefit your marketing efforts.

Global Results conducts individual as well  group training sessions.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • LinkedIn – How to effectively use it for business development as well as recruiting
  • Facebook – How to create a Facebook community which will drive exposure and sales
  • Twitter – How to leverage Twitter for PR and sales opportunities
  • Mobile – Why mobile is the next generation of marketing
  • Video – Why you need to use video and how you should use it
  • Your Website – Why visitors are not filling out the contact form
  • SEO – Why doesn’t your website show as a results from a Google search and what you can do about that

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