Social Media Management

Social MediaHaving a dedicated internal team for all of your Social Media activities is ideal. However, having a Social Media Department may not be practical at this time for you or your organization.

At a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal team, our social media management service allows you to have a dedicated department which will not only create your social media strategies, but also execute and manage all activities, including comments and audience generated content within your profiles.

We have experience managing social profiles for various industries, including even the most regulated. You will not lose control over neither the messaging  nor the content. Not only will the content be agreed upon, but it will be created in “your voice”.  We will help you become an identity with a vibrant community on the web, not just another company posting.

If a day comes that you do add a dedicated social media team, we will happily train this team for you to take over the reigns, as well as manage this team initially to make sure the efforts already established will continue in the same manner.

Contact Global Results to discuss how we can act as your internal department.




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