Global Results Social Media Baltimore Maryland

Global Results has been  offering social media services since the term “social media” was known as Web 2.0!

Yes- We have been around awhile!

Below are listed some of  Global Result’s most popular  services.  If you need other services not listed- just ask.

Mobile finance and analytics concept

Digital Statistics Analytics


Is our digital marketing actually working?


Site visits, bounce rates, page likes, post shares, number of comments, number of re-tweets, profile followers, mentions, unique visitors, cost per click  and the list goes on.

As you engage in digital marketing for your business or organization, you must understand the numbers to know what is driving results and more importantly what is not.

This is where not only our technical and social media experience becomes key, but so does our comprehensive and creative  business planning and strategy experience.

Learn how Global Results can help you to understand your data.


Mobile Marketing


Is Mobile Marketing Important?


Should you market using mobile technologies?

Umm- YES! In the near future, mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop usage.

If you ignore mobile marketing, your customers will be ignoring you.

With over 60% of the population within the United States owning a smartphone and with 70% of mobile searches leading to online action within an HOUR, mobile marketing must be part of your business’s or organization’s overall marketing strategy.

Learn how Global Results can support your mobile marketing strategy and execution.


Social Media

We excel at connecting the dots

Social media is here to stay.

“Facebook me” is now a verb.

Your current intern may know how to setup a Facebook page or Twitter profile, but they don’t know how to maximize the power of these networks nor leverage them effectively.

Global Results not only understands how to harness the power of digital marketing, but we can teach you as well.

Learn how Global Results can work side by side with you to create your Social Media strategies.

Yes We Can - Determination Team Works Together for Success

Social Media and Paid Media Management

We manage your online profiles

Who really has the time to not only find and create content to post, but also to know when and what to post, monitor your online engagement and chatter, follow up with messages and requests, read and analyze your insights, create and monitor online advertising, etc.?

Even if you do find the time somehow, is this truly the best use of your time? And will you do it as effectively as needed?

Learn how Global Results can ease this burden for you.

Team Training


We talk “business talk”, not “tech talk”

You know the Chinese proverb:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We believe in this whole-heartedly.

We want anyone who is interested in learning how to use social media effectively for their business to be able to “feed himself for a lifetime” through knowledge.

Learn how Global Results can teach you and your employees how to fish.

small business website refresh Website Refresh for Small Business

It’s time to refresh your website

If your website:

  • Is more than 3 years old
  • Is not something that your are proud of
  • Can not be found easily in a Google search
  • Is not mobile-ready for phones and tablets
  • Does not include best SEO practices

Then it’s time for a refresh!

Click below to learn how to get started.

Small Business Websites





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